little tweaks to ui and ux

There were a couple things i didn’t like that i wanted to fix Fix getting passed waiting for mouseover. Ideally I would like the graph to show when you scroll Make it look a little better The first one took a little bit, but i found a nice shortcut. The text of the link matches the “title” of the article. Well, that is mostly true, Aparantly there are a bunch of articles that put a “ | Author” at the end, or a “ | publisher” at the end of their title in the Article.

exploring how this could work

Ok I devoted my entire weekend to get a prototype working. This was the plan. Build an API that can do the following: Receive POSTS to accept rankings of 5 dimensions for any article Return GET requests that take a url and return the aggregation of rankings for that url The Get requests need to be quite performant and should be able to handle Caching, and user throttling I do not want to manage any servers, this will all run without any servers (AWS) Build a chrome extension that can do the following:

thoughts from experts

There have been three different experts whom I have talked to in depth about this project. The first person is someone who has set up multiple different companies. He has been able to generate funding and actualized on many different products and projects. I received a lot of great feedback about how to structure a deck, and how to go about getting everything ready to start getting money for this idea.